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Electronic Ticketing Machines
Detailed Specifications
Sl. Parameter Specification
1 Processor 400 MHz ARM11 32-bit RISC processor
2 RAM 64 MB
3 FLASH Memory 128 MB
4 Extendable Memory Micro SD card
5 Display Graphic LCD 240 X 320 pixels, 3.5" touch screen backlight capable of displaying graphic images, supports up to 26 lines x 26 characters
6 Keypad 27 Keys (15 + 8 soft-function keys and 4 screen addressable) keys in different colours for different functions large 'Enter' key in different colour
7 Thermal Printer 57 mm, 18 lines/sec, easy paper roll loading. Paper cover open sensor
8 SAM slots 3 SAM slots
9 RTC Inbuilt RTC with battery backup
10 GPRS Wireless Wide Area GSM/GPRS on 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
11 Battery Li-ion/Li-polymer, 1800 mAH over-charge/ over-voltage/ over-current protection quick recharge
12 Weight Max. 500 g
13 Communication Ports USB & RS232 – 1 each
14 Security Supports encryption standards including 3DES and AES for smart card reading/writing as well as communication with Central System
15 Certification EMV Level 1 & 2, PCI-PED
16 Operating temp. 5 – 50 degree C
17 Contactless Smart Card Reader Inbuilt contactless smart card reader - ISO 14443 Type A & B, entire Mifare family cards
18 Indications on display Battery charge status GSM signal strength
19 Audio Beeps on key-press and transactions
20 Others Remote administration over the air upgrade of firmware, application, configuration parameters, master data, etc. should be possible.
Schematic Diagram
What are Electronic Ticketing Machines?
Electronic Ticketing Machines or ETMs are new generation automated ticketing machines that can manage numerous fare structures and ticket types. They are small, light-weight, handheld devices, that are used by conductors to print and issue tickets. ETMs make the whole process of issuing tickets easy and convenient. They also reduce the risk of any fraudulent practices and facilitate rich MIS.
Why ETMs?
The current practice of issuing tickets is fraught with many problems such as:
  • Cumbersome ticket sale reconciliation process for conductors
  • Greater risk of errors by conductors if they are not very familiar with the fare structure
  • Risk of cheating by conductors by reselling tickets and by issuing tickets of lower denominations
  • Circulation of fake tickets
  • Tedious process of drawing up the inventory, distributing and reconciling ticket stocks
  • Time consuming process of reconciliation of accounts by depot staff
  • Limited reports, as the entire ticket sale data is on papers
  • High cost
ETMs address all these problems faced by the current system. Since the tickets are printed on the spot and on special paper, it does away with the risk of fake tickets or the tedious inventory/distribution process. Even if conductors are not very familiar with the route or fare structure they need not worry as all the data is available in the machine itself. All details on the number of tickets issued to revenue collected are stored inside the machine, saving the conductor from the long drawn reconciliation process.
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