Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Intelligent Signalling System
Client : Transport Department, GNCTD
Scope of Work : DIMTS was assigned with the task of implementing the ISS on the BRT corridor from Ambedkar Nagar - Delhi Gate. The scope of work included preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR). The work had to be carried out under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) methodology.
  • Simulation of the junctions to identify specific problems, issues and identify solutions
  • Identify relevant best practice cases and recommend a suitable signalling system
  • Give technical specification of the signalling system to be procured
  • Assist in inviting proposals and evaluation of proposals received
  • Bid process Management for award of the EPC services for DPR
  • Definition of requirements (technical, operational, environmental, social and financial and economic) for DPR
  • Definition of participation and evaluation criteria
  • Compilation of Request For Proposal document
The civil work included the following activities:
  • Preparation of detailed design for geometric changes at 22 junctions
  • Estimation of quantities and selection of contractor through tendering process
  • The monitoring and supervison of the work carried out by the Contractor

Manually operated traffic signals are not always able to efficiently handle traffic, especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi where the volume of traffic is heavy. In such areas it is of great advantage to install a signaling system like the ISS that is based on the latest technology and can manage and ensure smooth flow of vehicles.

The studies carried out identified the needs and deployment opportunities for technologies, including Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI), Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Video Incident Detection Systems, Road Weather Information System (RWIS), and other suitable technologies for the BRT Corridor. The simulation model delivered simulated traffic flow numbers and 3-D graphical representation of the intersections.
Features of ISS in Delhi
  • The ISS monitors traffic conditions on the BRT corridor and suggests control strategies via a state-of-the-art command and control centre.
  • The Intelligent Signalling System (ISS) controls, monitors and manages all traffic and pedestrian signals in the BRT corridor. The system is of modular design such that it can be expanded in future or linked with an Area Traffic Control System (ATC) in subsequent phases.
  • The ISS system includes the standard control, safety and fault monitoring/reporting facilities inherent in any modern ISS system and utilizes state-of-the-art systems/software and equipment which have been successfully implemented in other cities/countries.
  • The System exercises real-time control and monitors the traffic signal controller operation with microscopic detail.