Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Mobile Applications and Big Data Analytics

DIMTS develops a wide range of mobile apps, on both the Android and iOS platforms, to complement its AVLS and other solutions.

For example, Pooch-O, the flagship product is a "One-Stop Transit App", with a commuter-centric interface giving options for multi-modal travel by auto rickshaws, buses and the Metro railway, and provides traffic information to help commuters plan their journey better.

Sample Android apps may be download by clicking the screen grabs of the respective apps above.

For detailed information, please contact: bd@dimts.in

Big Data Analytics

DIMTS has been privy to rich public transit data by virtue of the many projects it has been entrusted with by its clients, and that includes its unique role in the state of Delhi where DIMTS’ platforms manage the GPS tracking of thousands of buses and commercial vehicles, and the ticketing on the buses across all routes. DIMTS’ Road Transport group operates the Cluster buses under the Gross Cost model, thereby being privy to various operations related data points. DIMTS manages similar data in other cities across the country where it either operates the bus services and/ or offers its many technology platforms. DIMTS has developed its BI and Analytics platforms to process this Big Data to bring out KPIs and insights for its clients, leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, Spark Cluster, Power BI etc. on hosted as well as Public Cloud platforms.

The solution has been successfully deployed in Delhi and Mumbai.

For detailed information, please contact: bd@dimts.in