A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi & Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd.
Mono Rail in Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Client : Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)
Scope of Work : Technical and financial feasibility study
MMRDA has proposed to build a nine km long Mono Rail in the Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai. DIMTS was awarded the contract of conducting a technical and feasibility study for the same.
DIMTS worked on the:
  • Estimation of Ridership and Revenue Forecast for the proposed Mono Rail alignment through extensive traffic studies and past studies
  • Engineering Exercise
  • i .   Alignment surveys of the proposed alignments
    ii .  Costing of the proposed alignments
    iii . Operation plan

In order to provide investors sufficient information about the design conditions, a geo-technical investigation and a preliminary utilities mapping was also undertaken.
  • Business Plan
    1. Being a PPP project, the business plan identified and addressed the major concerns of the potential investors. A suitable financial model was developed that gave alternate scenarios of investment, based on the detailed traffic and transport plan and engineering studies undertaken as part of this study. Key elements which could have a substantial impact on the valuation and project viability were potentially identified as part of the Business Plan in order to enable MMRDA to take suitable business decision.

    2. Transaction Advisory

  • Engineering Exercise
DIMTS prepared a transaction structure report for MMRDA that made recommendations on:
  • The timetable for the PPP process
  • Financial projections and assessment of financial viability
  • The contract arrangements with the private operator, in terms of duration and type of contract (e.g. lease, concession) and the responsibilities and risk-sharing with the private operator
  • Viability enhancing measures required such as capital grants, guarantees, and/or potential revenue from commercial development
  • The principal contractual and regulatory provisions to ensure appropriate operations.
What is Mono Rail?
  • A medium capacity system for mass transportation in urban areas up to 25,000 PHPDT.
  • Suited for restricted right-of-way.
  • Environmental friendly - Provides adequate light and air below the deck and reduces noise with use of nitrogen filled rubber tyres.
  • Mono Rail coaches are electrically driven, straddling on a single, narrow, elevated concrete beam.
  • Least intrusive - No deck, no overhead wires.
  • Requires about 2m road width for supporting columns and therefore does not disrupt vehicular traffic on the road.
  • Planned to ease traffic congestion, reduce pollution and ensure pedestrian safety.
  • First monorail - 1825, Cheshunt Railway.
  • Used as Public Transport in about 15 cities mainly in Japan to benefit from its aesthetics.