Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Operation and Maintenance of Bus Rapid Transit Corridor from Ambedkar Nagar to Delhi Gate
Client : Transport Department, GNCTD
Scope of work : Operation and Maintenance
  1. Develop a comprehensive financial model with underlying assumptions and sensitivity analysis from bankability considerations.
  2. Traffic management for smooth, speedy and accident free movement of vehicles in the corridor
  3. Mechanized and manual cleaning of the Corridor and its assets including bus queue shelters, intersections, green belts etc.
  4. Horticulture
  5. Repair and maintenance of corridor and its assets
  6. Operation of traffic signals including ITS system
  7. Provision of recovery vehicle for removal of damaged or broken down vehicles
  8. Conducting surveys and generation of reports
  9. Assistance by marshals to handicapped persons, senior citizens and children to cross roads at intersections
  10. Provision of emergency services including evacuation of casualties in case of accident and safety
  11. Organising awareness campaigns and cycle rallies
  12. Complaint Redressal System
The Government appointed DIMTS as the Corridor Manager for the operations and maintenance of the first BRT corridor. This also includes traffic management services to assist in the smooth flow of people and vehicles. Since DIMTS took over the management of the corridor, it has taken several initiatives which have resulted in notable changes in the corridor.
  • The accident rate has fallen
  • BRT is considered one of the cleanest and greenest roads in Delhi
  • DIMTS has set up five cycle stations at the corridor to allow renting and parking of cycles. Surveys show that the numbers of cyclists, pedestrians and bus users have increased.
  • DIMTS has installed a state of the art Intelligent Signalling System to ease the traffic flow and reduce waiting time at signals.