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Road Safety Plans and Micro / Traffic Simulation Study
Project 1: Study on Socio-Economic Cost of Accidents in INDIA

• To provide evidence in economic terms and overall magnitude of socio- economic cost of road accidents in the country

• To provide evidence in economic terms the magnitude of each category of costs pertaining to road Traffic injuries and fatalities.

• To provide the direction in which investments and programs relating to road safety should be focused.

• To strengthen the quality and detail of data collection of road traffic injuries at country level

• To provide a framework for current and future economic evaluations of road safety crashes

Project 2: Consulting Services to audit the implementation by the States of the directions issued by the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety

Location: Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat, INDIA (Package 2) and

Location: Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab, INDIA (Package 4)

This study proposes to evaluate the efforts of the States to address the traffic Safety problems in the state. The objectives of the current study are:

• Evaluate the level of compliance (quantify) of the Supreme Court recommendations

• Identify problems in complying with the Supreme Court recommendations

• Evaluate impact of various recommendations on safety outcomes

• Identify the most effective recommendations in impacting traffic safety outcomes

Project 3: Preparation of Simulation Model and Remodeling of Dayal chowk in Delhi

Dayal Chowk is a busy intersection in the heart of Delhi Near the busy commercial area of Karol Bagh. In the peak hour it caters to around 7000 PCUs. To relieve the traffic congestion at this intersection the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has proposed to construct an Underpass connecting Faiz Road and Vande Mataram Marg. The present study is aimed towards building up a Micro Simulation Model in VISSIM for the proposed Underpass, to measure the various traffic attributes such as Travel Times, Delays and Speeds and to evaluate the benefit from the proposed underpass. Hence Simulation approach was used to conduct the study and a simulation model was developed in VISSIM.

Project 4: Traffic Simulation for Parking Management and Traffic Circulation Plan for Multi-Level Car Parking cum Commercial Complex at South Ex-I & II, Delhi

The study is done to test various traffic management and parking management on the main radial and service road with the parking cum commercial complex in operation. Prepare base model in VISSIM and its validation