Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
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of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
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Transport Demand Forecast Study
Client : Transport Department, GNCTD
Scope of Work

DIMTS, on behalf of Govt. of NCT of Delhi worked as the Project Management Consultant coordinating the study. DIMTS also monitored the project which also included review of the outputs of the study and giving technical inputs as and when required along with conducting stakeholder meetings and workshops.


The primary objective of the government is to reverse the trend of increasing use of personalized vehicles - the main cause of road congestion and other associated problems - and to promote public transport through an integrated seamless network. Public Transport schemes will serve major transport corridors, but there are several lower order corridors where medium capacity public transport modes such as High Capacity Bus system (HCBS), Light Rail Transit (LRT), Mono Rail etc. will meet the forecasted demand. These medium capacity modes will not only serve their own catchment areas, but also act as feeder to the high capacity Delhi Metro and the IRBT.

Considering the above, GNCTD prepared an Integrated Multi-Modal Public Transport Network to cater to the public transport demand up to the year 2021. This plan has identified 43 new corridors - 6 Metro, 6 LRT, 3 Monorail, 2 IRBT and 26 HCBS- to be implemented in 3 phases by 2021. Each mode is in a continuous network and maintenance facilities can be provided economically.

This integrated network will attempt to minimize the vehicle-kilometer travel by personalized modes, not only by promoting the patronization of public transport in a hierarchical network through a large number of convenient interchange facilities, but also with extensive provisions of park-and-ride facilities at the interchanges for all categories of personalized modes.