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Micro-simulation models are developed for a well defined area to calibrate the observed vehicular movements taking into account the traffic flows, journey speeds, lane movements and gap acceptance. The model can be used to develop new proposals and optimise their effectiveness. They can estimate the impacts of a new scheme by producing outputs on a wide range of measures of effectiveness.

Micro-simulation model provides a virtual platform of the traffic flow, identifies critical sections and intersection bottlenecks and conflict areas, optimises signal controls, quantifies the impact of the proposed scheme for the forecast years, simulates bus priority schemes, validates the new development proposal. A model can test and validate different traffic management schemes, generate outputs in a statistical format for evaluation and 3D animation for visualisation of model.

The main areas of application are road widening, complex intersections, flyover projects, corridor simulation, traffic management schemes, traffic impact assessment, network performance in case of incident parking and on-street parking, traffic signalling and signal co-ordination, bus rapid transit corridors, pedestrian simulation, evacuation plan for large public buildings, bus terminals and parking sites.

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