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Unique Identification (UID) Project
Client : Govt. of Punjab and State Bank of India
Scope of Work :DIMTS is the Enrollment Agency for carrying out the enrollment procedure for the two clients. We are carrying out the UID enrollment in five districts of Punjab for the Govt. of Punjab and in Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttrakhand and Delhi for State Bank of India.
The Government of India (GoI) has embarked upon an ambitious initiative to provide a Unique Identification (UID) to every resident of India and has constituted the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for this purpose. The timing of this initiative coincides with the increased focus of the GoI on social inclusion and development through massive investments in various social sector programs, and transformation in public services delivery through e-Governance programs. The UID has been envisioned as a means for residents to easily and effectively establish their identity, to any agency, anywhere in the country, without having to repeatedly produce identity documentation to agencies.

The Enrolment Agency will be carrying out the various functions and activities related to UID enrolment such as setting up of enrolment centers, undertaking collection of demographic and biometric data for UID, enrollment and any other data required by the Registrar for the effective implementation of the projects.