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Another milestone in public transport - Bus travel made easier
Date: 22/07/2013

Taking a step forward towards making travelling in public transport a smoother and a more reliable experience for commuters, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has launched the Delhi Transit Bus Info application. Providing vital information on the estimated time of arrival of buses, routes, locations of bus stops etc., the application will help the passenger get all the information on the click of a mouse or a button, all in real time.

For passengers waiting endlessly at the bus stops, wondering when their bus will arrive, for those clueless about which bus to take to reach their destination or wondering about where the bus stop is, the Delhi Transit Bus Info application gives the perfect solution.

The Delhi Transit Bus Info application is available both on the web and on Android based devices. Bus passengers can either go on to the DIMTS website www.dimts.in and click on ‘Bus information for Orange coloured Delhi Transit buses’ or view the application on the Beta version ‘Delhi Transit Bus Info’ which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

The Beta Version of the application is currently available for devices working on the Android platform. It will be in time extended to other platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Symbian also, therefore serving as a milestone in making the information retrieval system and the entire experience of a bus journey easier and faster.

The application is currently available for only Orange coloured Delhi Transit buses, except for the Trip Planner feature which gives data of the DTC bus routes also. The information for DTC operated buses for the rest of the features will soon be integrated into the application.

Users can give their feedback on the system through a feedback form that is available both on the website as well as the phone application. DIMTS has launched the test version so as to invite candid feedback from the public and further improve the application.

The application gives details on the:

Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA): Users can now find out the estimated time of arrival of a bus at a bus stop by just entering the name of a bus stop and the route number.

Route Details: Passengers can get details of the route of a bus by entering the bus route number. All the bus stops on the route will be displayed and the user can then select any bus stop and further find out the ETA of next few buses that are to arrive at that bus stop.

Track location of a bus: Users can enter the route number of the bus to track the location of all the buses on that particular route in real time on a map.

Bus Schedule: The application also gives the tentative bus schedules.

Locate Bus Stop: Users can view the location of bus stops close to a particular location by just entering the locality name or address.

Trip Planner: The application helps the user plan his trip. All one needs to do is to enter the start and end point of the journey and it will display all possible routes between the two specified locations. This feature gives details on both Delhi Transit (cluster) routes as well as the DTC routes.