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Auto on call: DIMTS launches new Mobile App
Date: 11/07/2014

Hoping to make it easier for people to get autos and their entire experience of travelling in an auto a richer, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS) has introduced a new mobile application called POOCH-O. Launched by the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Shri Najeeb Jung at his office, Pooch-O will allow users to locate autos nearest to them and call them on their mobile phones and book a trip. Currently available only on android phones, Pooch-O can be easily downloaded from Google Play store.

On the occasion of the launch the Lieutenant Governor said, “In view of Prime Minister’s vision of making cities technologically more advanced, this app is very revolutionary. It also has a good security feature which allows you to share your location details on facebook, WhatsApp and more. What is more important is that is the first such app in the world. DIMTS definitely deserves praise for this.” Shri S.N. Sahai, MD and CEO, DIMTS said, “This app is meant to benefit both the auto drivers and the commuters. We will also create awareness about this app to the auto drivers.” He further added, “I think Pooch-O will get popular very soon and then the commuters themselves will give the feedback.” The app seeks to benefit both the commuters as well as the auto drivers. While commuters can now avoid hunting for autos, the drivers can also get assured business without having to move around looking for commuters.

Not only do the commuters get to call the nearest auto drivers from their phones, they can also find out the estimated fare, travel distance and time of travel, get traffic update of the route they have selected, look for alternative routes as well as track the movement of the autos and even send their own location details to the auto driver, all in real time.

Meanwhile, the auto driver just needs to ensure that his GPS is on so that his auto’s location details can be captured by the app and that his latest mobile no. is registered in the app. All this at no extra cost to him.

The app allows the commuters to give feedback as well as share traffic updates, location details and other such details through various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Gmail, Google Hangout and more. Pooch-O also provides a link to Tell Tail, another security application developed by DIMTS and already in operation. This enables users to have their auto tracked by their friends and family as well as click on a panic button if there is any emergency.

Pooch-O has been introduced by DIMTS purely in public interest.

Key Features
  1. Locate the Autos nearest to you
  2. Call the auto driver on their personal mobile no. and book your trip.
  3. Calculate estimated fare for your trip.
  4. Find out the estimated travel distance.
  5. Get information on the estimated travel time.
  6. Get traffic update of your route.