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Find out your travel time with Delhi Transit Bus Info application
Date: 21/08/2013

Troubled planning a trip on roads of Delhi? Cannot estimate the time it will take you to reach your destination, when you are travelling in a bus?

Here is the solution - the Delhi Transit Bus Info, a web and Android mobile application launched by DIMTS. This application can help you find out your total Estimated Travel Time (ETT) in a bus and thus plan your journey more efficiently. This is in addition to the other features such as finding out the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), trip planner, bus tracking and more.

One of the commonly stated drawbacks of the public transport especially the buses, is that one never knows what will be the travel time. The Delhi Transit Bus info now provides them with the answer. The application gives the real time information of buses running on the road and the estimated time of arrival of a bus at a bus stop. All that the users need to do is to key in the route number of the bus that they intend to take. This will give them the list of bus stops at which the bus will arrive along with the estimated arrival time of the bus at each stop. They can then calculate their approximate travel time by checking the arrival time of the bus at their origin as well as destination bus stops. If there is no direct route, users can use the trip planner which will give information on interchange points for another bus route.

Even non-bus users, can get an estimate of the time they will take to travel through a particular route. Since the travel time of the bus is affected by the traffic on route, the private vehicle users can utilize this information to get a maximum time limit it will take them to travel through that route.

Android mobile users can download Delhi Transit Bus Info application from Google Play Store and go to the ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) option and select ‘By Route’. The web users can go to http://www.dimts.in/ and click on Bus information for Orange coloured Delhi Transit buses and use the web application in the similar way.

The Beta version application has received a welcoming response from the daily commuters. There have been approximately 2500 downloads till date and the number is increasing day by day. The feedbacks revealed that the people have liked the initiative of DIMTS trying to improve the entire experience of commuting via public transport. Bhupesh, one of the daily commuters has remarked, “This is a good software that helps us to find the actual bus location and also the nearest bus stop” while another commuter Stuti said, “Great initiative. Please incorporate DTC bus info too.” Many daily commuters have also given feedback and suggestions to improve the bus services, thus proving to be a great medium to reach out to the people.