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Bus Passenger Feedback Form
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This feedback form is applicable only for Delhi Transit orange cluster buses.
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(In case you are a passenger, the date & time of travel are on your ticket)
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  1. How often do you travel by bus on this route?
  2. How long did you have to wait for the bus?
    • Did the bus stop properly when you got on to the bus?
    • Did the bus stop properly when you got down from the bus?
    • When the first bus of your route number arrived, were you able to get on it?
    • Is this bus service reliable?
    • If you’ve clicked on ‘No’, tell us why it is unreliable:
  3. From which gate did you get onto the bus?
  4. Rate the interior cleanliness of the bus.
  5. Rate the exterior cleanliness of the bus.
  6. Were the names of bus stops being correctly displayed on the electronic board inside the bus?
  7. Were the names of bus stops ahead being correctly announced through speakers inside the bus?
  8. Were the interiors of the bus well lit?
  9. Rate the behavior of the conductor.
    a.) Politeness
    b.) Helpfulness
  10. Did the conductor give you correct change?
  11. Does the conductor move inside the bus?
  12. Did conductor ask you for your destination?
  13. Rate the behavior of the driver.
    a.) Politeness
    b.) Helpfulness
  14. Please give us feedback on the quality of driving:
    • Was the driver over-speeding?
    • Was the driver driving recklessly?
    • Was the driver jumping traffic lights?
    • Was the driver missing bus stops?
    • Was the driver competing with other buses?
    • Did the driver close the doors of the bus while driving?
  15. Did you feel safe inside the bus?
  16. Do women feel safe in this bus?
  17. Taking everything into account about your entire journey from the start to the end, please rate your experience
  18. How was your experience of this bus journey?

  19. Will you continue to use this bus service?
  20. Will you recommend this bus service to others?
  21. We respect and value YOUR comments. Please give your feedback on this bus service and suggest ways in which the service can be improved.
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