Transport Planning

Transport Planning

Our Transport Planning division is a highly skilled group capable of carrying out complex multi-modal transport studies for urban and regional areas. Supported by the latest tools such as VISUM, Cube Voyager and VISSIM, our team provides comprehensive, integrated and innovative solutions.

Core Competencies

Transport Policy and Research

Transport Planning and Demand Forecast

Traffic Engineering and Management

Road Safety and Accident Research

Urban Design Studies

Key Experts

Dhavala Bhaskara Srinivas
Vice President, Transport Planning

Mr DB Srinivas is Vice President in Transport Planning Department in Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System Limited (DIMTS). He is Masters in Transportation Engineering from NIT Warangal, and has over 29+ years of consulting experience in the field of Traffic engineering, Transportation planning and Road safety. He has extensive consulting experience in Transportation Planning and Road Safety Audits.

Kiran Kumar Eaga
Assistant General Manager, Transport Planning