Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Our Team

Bus Operation Management

C K Goyal

Expert in the areas of Bus Operations Planning &Management, Bus Technology and Transaction Advisory.

Experience -37 Years

Amit Hitkari

Expert in Conceptualizing, Planning, and Implementing Large-Scale Urban Transport Projects

Experience -31 Years

Ajay Shrivastava

Expert in Fleet Management &Consulting, Client Management (Public Private Partnership), Contract and SLA Management (Advisory, Regulatory Aspects)

Experience -33 Years

Munish Nanda

Expert in Urban Transportation, Fleet management, SOPs, Operational processes for planning and implementation of urban transportation,Implementation of IT based Parking Operations, Creation of Telecom Passive Infrastructure,Physical and IT security processes and products

Experience -36 Years

Sandeep Raizada

Route Planning, Operational Planning, Fleet Management, Maintenance Solutions, Depot Structure Planning, Policy Formation, Formulation of S.O.P., Financial Modelling and Technical Development of Buses including HSD, CNG and Electric Buses

Experience -32 Years

Ranjit Kumar

Contract and Service Level Agreement Management, Financial Modelling, Bid Process Management, Program Management, Operations Planning, Bus Operations Monitoring and Data Analysis

Experience -20 Years

Sushma Banerji

Expert in Contract and Service Level Agreement Management, Financial Modelling, Payment Processing, Data Analysis, Costing and Budgeting

Experience -18 years

Anupama Saha

Architect,Expert in Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, Comprehensive Mobility Plans, Public Transport Planning and Operations, Urban and Regional Development Plans

Experience -15 Years

Jitendra Jha

Statistician,Expert in Multivariate Analysis, Generalized Linear Model, Simulation and Optimization Technique

Experience -12 Years
Business Process Management

Rakesh Mahajan

Expert in Operations Vertical in Driving License & Parking Operations

Experience -35 Years
Engineering and Project Management

Devendra Kumar Gautam

Expert in Project Management & Construction Supervision, Contract Management & Arbitration, Detailed Project Report & Feasibility Studies, and Quality Control Life Member of Indian Road Congress, New Delhi

Experience - 30 Years

Haripal Singh

Expert in the field of Feasibility Studies, DPRs, Contract Documents , Project Management & Construction Supervision

Experience - 28 Years

Shailendra Singh

Expert in Project Management & Construction Supervision and Quantity Surveying for Infrastructure

Experience - 21 Years

Abhay Mahajan

Expert in Contracts & Bid Process Management, Business Proposals, Budgeting, MIS and Project Management & Control

Experience - 11 Years

Pankaj Soie

Expert in Quantity Surveying (Cost Estimates / BOQs’) and Quality Monitoring

Experience - 14 Years

Virender Sharma

Expert in Construction Supervision

Experience - 24 Years
Information Technology

Arnab K Biswas

Expert in Telecom, IT, ITES and Financial Services.

Experience -30 Years

Vikram Khaneja

Expert in e-Governance, Fleet Management, Intelligent Traffic Management and Smart Cities Domains

Experience -25 Years

Prashant Kumar Tiwari

Expert in Telecom and Transportation industry (AVLS) domains, electronic ticketing & fare Collection (AFCS/ETM), AIS-140 device integration with AVL, Common Mobility Cards (CMC) and IoT

Experience -27 Years

Amit Kashyap

Banking, Transit, Telecom, e-Commerce Domain

Experience - 20 Years

Yogesh Khanduja

Expert in AFCS, Concessionaire Management System, Mobile Application, Smart Card based Identity Management System and Business Intelligent & Analytics

Experience -20 Years
Intelligent Transport Solution

Rakesh Kaul

Expert in Execution of Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart City Solutions in ITMS, Traffic Engineering andTransport Planning

Experience -33 Years

Rajesh Khanna

Expert in Techno Commercial Project and ITMS

Experience -29 Years

Vikas Kumar

Expert in Urban Traffic Management Applications & Operation of ATCS-ICCC.

Experience -15 Years

Bhavjot Singh

Expert in Intelligent Transportation System & System Integration

Experience - 9 Years
Railways Based Transport

Rajesh Agarwal,Ex IRSE

Expert in Mega Projects Planning & Execution and Bridge & Tunnel Design

Experience -33 Years

Arvind Shrivastava

Expert in Railway Alignment & Contract Management

Experience -30 Years

Abha Gupta

Expert in Structural Design Hydrology, Geotechnology and Slope Design

Experience -12 Years

Amardeep Kanojia

Architect/ Ekistician
Expert in Railway Station Design and Multi Modal Integration Planning

Experience -17 Years

Virendra Kumar

Expert in Signaling & Interlocking Plan

Experience - 12 Years

Vimal Chaudhary

Expert in Bridge Design

Experience - 7 Years

Sambhav Jain

Expert in Railway Electrification - OHE

Experience - 7 Years
Transport Planning

Samir Sharma

Expert in Transport Planning, Traffic engineering, Road Safety, Micro Simulation & Strategic Modelling

Experience -27 Years

Dhavala Bhaskara Srinivas

Expert inTraffic Engineering and Road Safety Projects

Experience -27 Years

Avinash Dubedi

Expert inTransportPlanning, Travel Demand Modelling, Comprehensive Mobility, Traffic Impact and Assessment, Traffic Assessment and Toll Revenue Estimation of Highways and Parking Demand Studies

Experience -11 Years

Kiran Kumar Eaga

Expert in Travel Demand Forecasting and Modelling of various Mass Rapid Transit Systems like Metro Rail, Monorail, BRTS, and CTS, CTTS studies

Experience -14 Years

Hemant Kumar Chaurasia

Traffic Architect and Masters in Infrastructure Planning

Experience -9 Years
Transport Technology Solutions

Rakesh Jain

Expert in Consulting in Intelligent Transportation System

Experience -25 Years

Ajay Gupta

Expert in Consulting and Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System and ICT Projects for Urban Transport

Experience -30 Years

Alok Sethi

Expert in Consulting and Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System

Experience -21 Years
Transaction Advisory(Business Partnership)

Ashvini Parashar

Expert in Transaction Advisory,Investment Modal (PPP, BOT) ,Real Estate, Outdoor Media & Tourism

Experience -30 Years

Nishikant Gupta

Expert in Transport Infrastructure and Power, Investment Modal (PPP, BOT).

Experience -18 Years

Neeraj Aggarwal

Expert in Transport, Urban, Tourism, Industries, Energy, Real Estate

Experience -20 Years
Human Resources

Suneet Mudgal

Expert in HR Compliances and RTI

Experience -35 Years

Manisha Upadhyaya

Expert in Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations

Experience -15 Years

Shraddhanjali Sonune

Expert in Training and Talent Development, Employee Engagement

Experience -11 Years

Alok Kuchhal

Chief Financial Officer

Experience -30 Years

Ruchi Gosain

Cost Accountant

Experience -18 Years

Shalini Verma

Chartered Accountant

Experience -15 Years

Parveen Gulati

Sr. Manager

Experience -29 Years
Company Secretery

H P S Chugh

Company Secretary

Experience -32 Years

Mona Gupta

Expert in Project Management and Quality Management

Experience -20 Years

Anuj Patheja

Expert in Supply Chain Management, ISO Implementation and Project Management

Experience -14 Years
Office Support

Sudhir Kumar Thakur

Expert in Office Logistics

Experience -17 Years