Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.
A Joint Venture of Government of National Capital Territory
of Delhi & IDFC Foundation.
An ISO Certified Company  
Our Team

Bus Operation Management

C K Goyal

Expert in the areas of Bus Operations Planning &Management, Bus Technology and Transaction Advisory.

Experience -37 Years

Amit Hitkari

Expert in Conceptualizing, Planning, and Implementing Large-Scale Urban Transport Projects

Experience -31 Years

Ajay Shrivastava

Expert in Fleet Management &Consulting, Client Management (Public Private Partnership), Contract and SLA Management (Advisory, Regulatory Aspects)

Experience -33 Years

Ranjit Kumar

Contract and Service Level Agreement Management, Financial Modelling, Bid Process Management, Program Management, Operations Planning, Bus Operations Monitoring and Data Analysis

Experience -20 Years

Sushma Banerji

Expert in Contract and Service Level Agreement Management, Financial Modelling, Payment Processing, Data Analysis, Costing and Budgeting

Experience -18 years

Anupama Saha

Architect,Expert in Feasibility Studies, Detailed Project Reports, Comprehensive Mobility Plans, Public Transport Planning and Operations, Urban and Regional Development Plans

Experience -15 Years

Jitendra Jha

Statistician,Expert in Multivariate Analysis, Generalized Linear Model, Simulation and Optimization Technique

Experience -12 Years
Engineering and Project Management

Devendra Kumar Gautam

Expert in Project Management & Construction Supervision, Contract Management & Arbitration, Detailed Project Report & Feasibility Studies, and Quality Control Life Member of Indian Road Congress, New Delhi

Experience - 30 Years

Haripal Singh

Expert in the field of Feasibility Studies, DPRs, Contract Documents , Project Management & Construction Supervision

Experience - 28 Years

Shailendra Singh

Expert in Project Management & Construction Supervision and Quantity Surveying for Infrastructure

Experience - 21 Years

Pankaj Soie

Expert in Quantity Surveying (Cost Estimates / BOQs�) and Quality Monitoring

Experience - 14 Years

Virender Sharma

Expert in Construction Supervision

Experience - 24 Years
Information Technology

Prashant Kumar Tiwari

Expert in Telecom and Transportation industry (AVLS) domains, electronic ticketing & fare Collection (AFCS/ETM), AIS-140 device integration with AVL, Common Mobility Cards (CMC) and IoT

Experience -27 Years
Intelligent Transport Solution

Rakesh Kaul

Expert in Execution of Intelligent Transport Systems, Smart City Solutions in ITMS, Traffic Engineering andTransport Planning

Experience -33 Years

Rajesh Khanna

Expert in Techno Commercial Project and ITMS

Experience -29 Years
Railways Based Transport

Rajesh Agarwal,Ex IRSE

Expert in Mega Projects Planning & Execution and Bridge & Tunnel Design

Experience -33 Years

Abha Gupta

Expert in Structural Design Hydrology, Geotechnology and Slope Design

Experience -12 Years

Virendra Kumar

Expert in Signaling & Interlocking Plan

Experience - 12 Years

Vimal Chaudhary

Expert in Bridge Design

Experience - 7 Years
Transport Planning

Dhavala Bhaskara Srinivas

Expert inTraffic Engineering and Road Safety Projects

Experience -27 Years

Kiran Kumar Eaga

Expert in Travel Demand Forecasting and Modelling of various Mass Rapid Transit Systems like Metro Rail, Monorail, BRTS, and CTS, CTTS studies

Experience -14 Years
Transport Technology Solutions

Rakesh Jain

Expert in Consulting in Intelligent Transportation System

Experience -25 Years

Ajay Gupta

Expert in Consulting and Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System and ICT Projects for Urban Transport

Experience -30 Years

Alok Sethi

Expert in Consulting and Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System

Experience -21 Years
Transaction Advisory(Business Partnership)

Ashvini Parashar

Expert in Transaction Advisory,Investment Modal (PPP, BOT) ,Real Estate, Outdoor Media & Tourism

Experience -30 Years

Neeraj Aggarwal

Expert in Transport, Urban, Tourism, Industries, Energy, Real Estate

Experience -20 Years
Human Resources

Suneet Mudgal

Expert in HR Compliances and RTI

Experience -35 Years

Manisha Upadhyaya

Expert in Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations

Experience -15 Years

Alok Kuchhal

Chief Financial Officer

Experience -30 Years

Ruchi Gosain

Cost Accountant

Experience -18 Years

Parveen Gulati

Sr. Manager

Experience -29 Years
Company Secretary

Preeti Jain

Company Secretary

Experience -17 Years
Project Planning & Scheduling

Mona Gupta

Expert in Project Management and Quality Management

Experience -20 Years