Automatic Vehicle Location

Automatic Vehicle Location

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) System and Passenger Information System (PIS)

Client – Transport Department, GNCT Delhi, GMCBL, Gurugram, Nagpur Municipal Corporation and BEST, Mumbai


To improve the efficiency, reliability and punctuality of the bus operations in the aforementioned cities and to ensure optimal deployment of the fleet, which would eventually lead to higher commuter satisfaction and improved level of confidence in bus services, the said authorities decided to entrust DIMTS with implementation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Projects in the respective cities.

What is AVL?

The GPS enabled AVL allows real-time tracking of bus movement and provides information on its location. This information is then used along with other details such as the speed of the bus, the route followed etc to provide the passengers waiting at the bus stops with the expected arrival time of their bus. This information is displayed on LED boards (PIS) installed at the bus stops as well as inside the buses. The AVL also helps in improving the efficiency of bus operations.

System Layout

The AVL system consists of the following major components:
  • The bus mounted GPS devices, with GPRS/ 3G/ 4G connectivity
  • The back-end application which includes the following
    • Various master data residing in the database
    • Module for assimilating real-time data from GPS devices
    • Application layer for processing and analyzing real-time operation data for:
    • Real-time prognosis purposes
    • Data storage for MIS purposes
    • Operational data (stored in the database)
    • Web based user interface for maintenance of data and for view and downloading of MIS
    • Web and SMS based public interfaces for dissemination of prognosis data
  • The LED Display boards located at various BQS

DIMTS has already successfully implemented, the Automatic Vehicle Location System in close to 10,000 buses with Passenger Information System.

DIMTS has built the system to be GPS device independent. While most AVL systems rely on a simple average speed of travel-based logic for display of ETA, DIMTS has implemented a unique self-learning algorithm for accurate calculation of ETA driven by historic travel speed data across road segments and time-of-day. The system has been developed with the capability to integrate with multiple map providers, PIS manufacturers etc and if fully compliant with the AIS-140 standards.