AIS-140 based tracking for Public Service Vehicles/ Paratransit: Delhi

AIS-140 based tracking for Public Service Vehicles/ Paratransit: Delhi (PIS)

AIS-140 based tracking for Public Service Vehicles/ Paratransit: Delhi (PIS)

Client – Transport Department, GNCT Delhi


The Transport Department, Delhi awarded the responsibility of setting up and managing the Command & Control Centre for implementation of the automatic vehicle location system for para-transit and public service vehicles (such as three wheelers, taxis etc.) as per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

The project delivers vehicle tracking services based on location updates received from GPS based EFM (Electronic Fare Meter) device installed in the T Auto Rickshaw (TSR) vehicles in Delhi. The objective of the Paratransit system is to monitor the movement of vehicles and ultimately be able to provide a sense of security to the commuters using TSR facility. The project scope broadly consists of following activities:

Application Software and Backend Management Services for tracking through Control Centre.

Integrated EFM Device empanelment and backend Integration.

The system provides the following functionalities/features:
  • Provision of real time tracking of TSR location for the permit holders, Transport Department, Police etc.
  • Complete history tracking, using GPS location updates from the devices.
  • Trip based tracking/trip replay for any vehicle.
  • Facilitation for panic alert handling in case of ‘Panic’ alert raised by the vehicle.
  • Facilitation for handling/redress of public complaints like fare overcharging, non-stopping of TSR by driver etc.
  • User level/Role based access to information.
  • Automated event logging with time stamps (Like trips, GPS logs, panic alerts)
  • Various reports for relevant authorities – like over-speeding, panic alerts log etc.
The following diagram shows the various interactions and the interfaces present in the system.

DIMTS has already successfully implemented, the System in over 150,000 vehicles since then.

DIMTS has built the system to be GPS device independent. While most AVL systems rely on a simple average speed of travel-based logic for display of ETA, DIMTS has implemented a unique self-learning algorithm for accurate calculation of ETA driven by historic travel speed data across road segments and time-of-day. The system has been developed with the capability to integrate with multiple map providers, PIS manufacturers etc and if fully compliant with the AIS-140 standards.